Mrs. Trullard

Mrs. Trullard is blind.

Where then does her desire to paint pictures come from given that she'll never see her creations?

With closed eyes, she lets Sophie guide her hand, and perhaps it's the warmth of Sophie's touch that encourages her to delve into an activity normally reserved for those who can see. But that can't be her only motivation. She has the inner strength and resolve not to let her handicap confine her to an oppressive isolated world, so she takes part in group activities. Mrs. Trullard is an admirable woman.

Sophie has a knack for capturing the resident's interest for a given project, sometimes reading from a book of fairy tales, going around the table captivating everyone like Mrs. Roblin who points at "The Miller In Love".

Then, continuing her storytelling, she comes to Mrs. Trullard whose face lights up as she listens. And then something totally unexpected happens. Transported by her imagination, she suddenly opens her eyes as if picturing the scene being described.

For a few moments Sophie has taken Mrs. Trullard out of her prison of darkness into a magical world.