Notre Dame Cathedral - June 26, 1971

6:30 AM. After a year of meticulous preparation, we'd succeeded in getting into the towers the night before, using a key we'd had made from a wax mould of the lock and rigging the wire with the help of Jean-François. Everything went exactly as planned. We finished securing the wire before sunrise, and Jean-François went down to join Annie and a handful of friends who'd been on the lookout for us all through the night. I stayed with Philippe a few more hours serenely relishing our secret and watching the city slowly wake up. Then it was time for me to go back down as well, while Philippe prepared for his walk. We had decided he'd wait until the towers were open to the public to begin. Since I was first in line, I was the first “tourist” to enter the tower at 10 o'clock, and the echo of my footsteps running up the old stone stairway was the signal for him to get ready to step out onto the cable.

6:30 AM