Jean-Louis Blondeau


Saint Jean de Losne (France) - EHPAD "La Saône"

Room "Galaxie"

Place d'Armes

From Oct 1st to 7th 2016

This was an exhibition of 100 photos and a 270 image slideshow I did as part of a yearly event for retirement homes in the region of Burgundy, France. The theme was:

"Show a positive image of the elderly and those who care for them in their everyday lives through photography."

I spent three weeks immersed in the life at this home and for part of that time actually lived there. It was a very rewarding experience, and allowed me to better appreciate this world which most of us envision with dread. Above all it taught me not to see “old people” but rather each individual and the caregivers who are in direct daily contact with them and for whom I have the utmost respect.

Thanks to Corinne Bonvalot whose idea sparked this exhibit.
Much gratitude to Yann GUERLESQUIN of laboratoire "by DAHINDEN" for the excellent quality of the prints.