Jean-Louis Blondeau


Liège (Belgium) - "La Halte" Opening

La Halte

4 rue de la Casquette

From March 6th to 8th, 2015

This exhibition was the inaugural event for the theater "La Halle" in Belgium. 30 photographs on the theme of the film "Man on Wire" guided one from the foyer to the theater itself, interspersed with a few texts describing the coup.

Organisation : Cécile Lecuyer, Edith Bertholet, Sylvain Daï

The theater's name, "La Halle", was inspired by the adventure of "Man on Wire". The logo is taken from one of my photographs from the series "Precarious Moments", which is used in the movie. The picture symbolizes the venue and is painted on the exterior wall of the theater.

To visit La Halte web site click here

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